Dear compatriots!

Cooperation relations of Andijan State Medical Institute with prestigious foreign higher education institutions and world-leading clinics are strengthening year by year.

During the visit of our president to our region in June 2021, based on his instructions given on the construction of a two-thousand-seat educational building of Andijan State Medical Institute , currently, this modern educational building is about to be completed.
Also, when the head of our state visited the clinic of the institute in September 2021, he instructed to completely reconstruct the clinic and establish a medical center based on it for the residents of the valley, which will perform complex operations in cardiology, neurosurgery, eye diseases and urology. Currently, intensive work is being done in the clinic.

We, the team of Andijan State Medical Institute, sincerely congratulate our President Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev with his convincing victory in the presidential election. As doctors and, moreover, as teachers of future doctors, we stand shoulder to shoulder in the efforts of the President aimed at the development of health care and medical education, and we are ready to make our appropriate contribution to the development in the field.

Happy victory, Mr. President!

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